In France and internationally, our group has a wide network of partners on forest and environment issues, including training/research and professional institutions, international organisations, and consultancy.

The AgroParisTech campuses of Kourou and Nancy are involved in our training programs too.

An overview of our partnerships:

  • French partners:
    • research institutes: CIRAD, IRD, INRA, CNRS-CEFE, CIRED, University of Montpellier
    • development and professional organisations: ONF, CNPPF…
    • consultancies working internationally: ONFi, Ernst & Young, ERM, SGS, TFT, FRM...
    • governmental organisations of development: AFD, MAE, IDDRI
  • European partnership within Eramus Mundus programs:
    • Master «Sustainable Tropical Forestry» (SUTROFOR)
    • Doctoral program « Forest and Nature for Society » (FONASO)
  • International partnership:
    • training, research and development institutes internationally: ENFI (Morocco), INPA (Brazil), University of San Paulo (Brazil), University of Chapingo (Mexico), CIFOR, French Institute of Pondicherry (India), CATIE (Costa Rica), IRAD (Cameroon), ENEF (Gabon), OIBT, University of Tribhuvan (Nepal), University of Hawassa (Ethiopia)…
    • intergovernmental organisations of development: FAO, PNUE
    • environmental NGOs: WWF, UICN, CI, FSC…
    • developmental NGOs: OXFAM, GRET…

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