Postgraduate Programs

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The training and research group “environmental management of ecosystems and tropical forests” propose three training courses at the following levels:

Pedagogic Orientation

The training syllabus is explicitly orientated towards :

  • research-based training even for operational vocations,
  • the forming of extended experience in the field, essentially overseas in Africa, Latin America, Asia.


The “Environmental management of ecosystems and tropical forests” program is a Master's specialization designated European Erasmus Mundus label of excellence and open to students of:

Post Master

The “Forest, Nature and Society” tropical option, which is :

  • a specialization of students qualifying as engineers in Rural Engineering, Water and Forestry Management (GREF),
  • An Advanced Master recognized by the Conference of Higher Education Schools (Conférence des Grandes Écoles).


The group supervizes doctoral students from AgroParisTech (doctorate schools ABIES and SIBAGHE), and delivers or co-ordinates the doctoral modules (doctorate schools ABIES and SIBAGHE):

UFR G-ENV — AgroParisTech

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