Financing your training

Financing your Master's degree

Master's students may be eligible for certain financial aid managed by the institution or by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. CampusFrance provides a permanent listing of training aid schemes.

This is the case for scholarships based on social criteria (BCS), CROUS scholarships, scholarships for internships abroad, including the CIERA internship scholarship and the Fondation Ledoux scholarships, CNOUS international mobility aid, and Erasmus + mobility scholarships.

It is also advisable to find out about the funding schemes provided by the Occitanie Region.

AgroParisTech encourages students to apply for support from other institutions that have their own scholarship programmes.

These may include, among others

  • the secretariat of the Sutrofor consortium (Sutrofor MSc programme only) as part of the Erasmus + programme.
  • Master's scholarships from the Martine Aublet Foundation to finance exclusively field research of approximately one month in Africa, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean and the Amerindian, Latin and Caribbean Americas. The disciplines concerned in connection with G-ENV programs are anthropology and sociology.

For international students

There are several ways to finance your studies. The CampusBourse platform offers a catalogue of all the possible schemes.

Financing your specialised Master (in French)
Financing your PhD


Financing your Master
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Financing your Specialised Master
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Financing your PhD
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