Scientific research is a very important activity of the G-Env Team. Its academics devote half of their time to it; in addition, the team welcomes and supervises doctoral students. This activity provides the team with expertise that benefits students in various disciplines.

The scientific orientations of the G-ENV team are based on three axes structuring its research and teaching activities:

  • Analysis of the functioning of tropical continental ecosystems. Ecosystems, particularly tropical forest ecosystems, play a major environmental role: biodiversity reservoir, complex interactions with the climate, regulation of major hydrological cycles, etc.
  • Analysis of management practices and strategies for managing the environment and tropical ecosystems based on the link between social and management sciences and environmental sciences
  • Evaluation of environmental management systems and associated policies, particularly for the management and governance of tropical ecosystems. This work focuses more specifically on the actual conditions of implementation, and their effective contributions to better ecological performance...
To develop this research, G-ENV relies on three main external research partners:
  • the "Montpellier Recherche en Management" (MRM) laboratory, which brings together all of Montpellier's strengths in the field of management science research,
  • the "Knowledge, Environment, Society" (SENS) research unit, which studies "the societal dimension (including social, economic, political and cultural issues) of current environmental dynamics".
  • the "Functional Ecology and Biogeochemistry of Soils and Agro-Systems" (Eco&Sols) research unit, which seeks to better understand the ecology of tropical and Mediterranean agro-ecosystems.

The teacher-researchers of the G-Env team are involved in three research units:


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