Modules description


 Teaching unit by theme GEEFT FNS
Social Science Modules    
Forestry economics TC  
Negociation applied to natural resources management TC TC
Nature policies TC  
Tropical forest policies TC  
Sociology of organizations and environmental management TC O
Sociology and survey methods for human science TC  
Territory, environment, forest TC  
Biotecnic Science
Agroforestry TC  
Forest management O  
Tropical botany O  
Dendrometry and inventory O  

Tropical forest ecology


Ethno-ecology and environment

Humid tropical forest O  
Tropical forest and global change TC  
Tropical forest and global change : applications O  
Preserving management aplied to biomass, fertility and tropical ground conservation O  
Tropical silviculture O  
Engineering tools and methods    
Modelling of complex systems O  
Geographic Information System TC  
Foreign languages TC  



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