International internship of Croatian and French students

within the framework of the HNV-Link Horizon 2020 European project.

February 19th, 2017 – March 12th, 2017

Pierre-Marie AUBERT
Research Professor

Academic training
Current position
Research activities

Academic training

Forestry Engineers qualification with specialisation in rural  and tropical forestry. 

Research master in "Territory, Rural Societies, and Economic Orientation".

AgroParisTech Doctorate in "Social Sciences for the Environment - Agriculture, Biology, Environment, and Health".

Current position

Research Professor.

Research activities

My research is concentrated on the articulation between public sector initiatives, rural societies, and the management of sylvo-pastoral resources in Morocco, from the theoretical perspective of management sciences and the sociology of public sector politics. By applying a multi-scale analysis accross international eco-politics as well as local systems of natural resource management, I attempt to investigate the environmental effectiveness of public sector initiatives aimed at implicating local populations, and to define the social dynamics and transformation of management methods caused by public intervention.

This research is carried out in two primary projects :

— An ANR funding project entitled "Governance in companies, and organisations in sustainable development" (2011-2015) via an implication in the axis "Governance in sustainable development in alternative organisations".

— A project intended to compare different approaches to public interventions in the management of sylvo-pastoral resources in Morocco and Algeria.

Published works

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Phone : (+33) (0)4 67 04 71 27

Emaill : pm.aubert(a)


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