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Negotiation applied to management of natural resources

Course objectives

The management of natural resources in the face of divergent interests or points of view may gener-ate conflict. In such situations a process of negotiation can be useful to find a mutually acceptable solution between two or several parties with divergent interests or motives. The course objective, therefore, is to promote the use of the negotiating process whilst drawing upon its theoretical principles and thus to enable students to develop a coherent method for understanding and reflecting upon compromises or conflict situations, as well as to acquire the techniques which allow them to become more adept at negotiating.

Course contents

  • Negotiation in the decision-making process
  • Negotiation and methods for resolving conflicts
  • Mediation
  • Dialogue
  • Coordination and logic of participants
  • Collective action
  • Patrimonial approach
  • Preparation for negotiation
  • Strategic and tactical analysis
  • Simulation and role-playing

Teaching and learning methods

Part of the course involves simulated exercises in negotiation, sometimes using com-puter generated models (to this end, outside experts who have developed computer models are invited to participate in these exercises). This choice of an inductive, pragmatic, pedagogic approach, based on a large number of examples (including tropical case studies) of role-plays and shared situations allows students to establish a bank of experience which helps them conceptualise and formalise methods which would otherwise remain intuitive. It allows them to develop a framework of reference for understanding the process of negotiation. This use of role-playing exercises also addresses the further use of such exercises in a professional context at a later stage, and attempts to determine their limits.


Active participation of students is required. Individual written exam at the end of the course.

Competences acquired

  • Knowledge of the fundamental theories of negotiation, and in particular, those of reasoned negotiation
  • Ability to differentiate between the various systems of decision making
  • Ability to prepare and conduct a negotiation.

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